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The Equilibria wiki is a collection of documents regarding Equilibria. If there is some specific information you are looking for but cannot find, let us know in our discord so we can add it in.

Technical Specifications

  • Block time: 120
  • Difficulty Algorithm: LWMA v3
  • Max Supply: 84,000,000
  • Algorithm: CN-GPU
  • Port: 9231
  • p2p Port: 9230

Remote Nodes:

  • sanfran.equilibria.network:9231
  • newyork.equilibria.network:9231


About ~17 XEQ per block.


The team opted for a premine when they came back in June 2020 upon agreement with the community members at the time. The total is 7M XEQ distributed over 7 months in order to pay for expenses during the early stages of the project.

Oracle Service Fees

50% of fees are burnt from the supply, 40% will be redistributed to each Oracle Node, and 10% will go to the team. Going into 2021, this will ensure investors, miners, and stakers that the inflation rate will stay low and the rewards for contributing to the network can continuously increase. As more projects and users begin to use our services, more fees will be generated. The 10% distributed to the team will fund any project expenses necessary to grow the project.
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Equilibria Team

Harrison - CEO and Developer | [email protected] | Twitter
Thomas - Foundation Innovator | [email protected] | Twitter
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