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Become a Community Contributor!
To create more content and help the team out, the Equilibria Offical Team has introduced the Community Content Contributor program. Contributors can earn up to 150 XEQ per contribution.

How to Contribute?

Create a GitHub Issue here with the following template.

Content Type

Blog/Tutorial/Debugging/Video/Remote Node


Name/Alias/Anon (Equilibria Team)

Target (written) (can be multiple)



Write your content here or link to youtube/medium/google docs.

Equilibria Address

Put your Equilibria address here to get your reward.

What can I get for contributing?

The Equilibria team offers the following one-time rewards:
  • Blog: 100 XEQ
  • Tutorial: 50 XEQ
  • Debugging Guide: 50 XEQ
  • Video: 250 XEQ
  • Remote Node: 150 XEQ
  • Tweets: 5 XEQ


  • The content provided must be your own work.
  • Videos need to be professional (good quality mic, cuts, high resolution)
  • Written posts must be clear and concise with correct grammar and spelling.
  • Copyright-free pictures are strongly preferred in written posts to ensure getting the reward.
  • Remote nodes need to be up for at least 1 month to get your reward.
  • Written contributions must not be duplicates.
  • Tutorials or debugging guides can be OS-specific. So one tutorial can be for Linux, one for Windows, and one for Mac OS.

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