EON Twitter Bot
A twitter bot that tracks chain usage of the Equilibria Oracle Network!
The EON Equilibria Oracle Network Twitter Bot is run 24/7 and picks up any major events on the Equilibria Oracle Network. Current events that the bot tracks:
  • New Oracle Nodes
  • New Stakes on Oracle Nodes
  • New stakes on the Ethereum EON Adapter
  • New stakes on Avalanche EON Adapter
  • Withdraws from Ethereum EON Adapter
  • Withdraws from Avalanche EON Adapter
  • Oracle Nodes expirations
  • EON Data Feed Creations (Coming Soon)
  • EON Data Prepayments (Coming Soon)
  • TVL on Native EON
  • TVL on Avalanche EON
  • TVL on Ethereum EON
  • EON Data Feed Statistics
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