Community Bot Reference

General Commands


Link to the community bot command reference
  • !xeq help

progress update/trello

Link to trello board
  • !xeq trello | !xeq progress_update


Link for the xeq api hub
  • !xeq api | !xeq api_link


List of all bounties !xeq bounties

bounties info

Information on the current bounty status, budget, and amount spent
  • !xeq bounties info

bounties help

Reply with the format for submitting bounties
  • !xeq bounties help

submit bounty

Submit a bounty to the team
  • !xeq submit bounty

market info

Get XEQ market info
  • !xeq market info


List of exchanges with links
  • !xeq exchanges

remote nodes

See a list of all remote nodes and if they are online
  • !xeq remote nodes


Get a list of all Oracle Nodes currently in quorum
  • !xeq quorum


Get the current supply of XEQ
  • !xeq supply

node info

Get information about a node
  • !xeq node info


Get the wallet links
  • !xeq wallet


Get a link to the explorer
  • !xeq explorer


Get some information on the core team and a list of contributors
  • !xeq team


Get the links to our wiki pages
  • !xeq docs


Get the link to the website
  • !xeq website

general info

Get some general information about the project like the current node reward, hashrate, market cap, etc
  • !xeq xi | !xeq i | !xeq info
Get all important links regarding Equilibria
  • !xeq links

market cap

Get the current market cap of XEQ
  • !xeq marketcap | !xeq mcap | !xeq mc

hashrate & difficulty

Get the current hashrate and difficulty
  • !xeq hash | !xeq hashrate | !xeq diff | !xeq difficulty

Oracle Node Stats

Get the current stats on oracle nodes
  • !xeq nodes | !xeq oracle_nodes

TradeOgre Commands

last price

Get the last price of a currency
  • !to lp xeq

all volume

Get the volume of all TO pairs
  • !to av


Get the volume of a symbol on TO
  • !xeq v xeq

buy breakeven/average price

Set a buy target and calculate the average price from market buying
  • !to bb

sell breakeven/average price

Set a sell target and calculate the average price from market selling
  • !to sb

sell walls

Get the largest btc and/or ticker sell walls for a specific pair
  • !to sw <# of walls>

buy walls

Get the largest btc and/or ticker buy walls for a specific pair
  • !to be <# of walls>