How to Run an Oracle Node

Learn how to contribute to the Equilibria Network

Setting up your server

Let’s get started. Choosing where to set up a Service Node is the biggest choice you will make when running a Service Node. There are a number of things to consider. Because you will be locking up funds for 6 weeks at a time, you will want to ensure that your server has:

  • A stable, relatively fast connection to be able to respond to ping requests to avoid being booted off the network

  • At Least a 50GB SSD or Hard disk drive, this will be used to store the block-chain.

  • A stable power supply. If your server goes down during the staking period, you may get kicked off the network, and not receive rewards while your funds are still locked for the remainder of the staking period.

  • At least 3gb RAM

Typically, the easiest and cheapest way to host a server outside of your home is to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS). There are thousands of options when it comes to VPS providers, but for now, just about anyone will do. Harrison and I have been using Digital Ocean and Vultr for all of our server needs and we would recommend their services. You can use our affiliate links to help support the project!



Quick Start Script

Community contributor Greggy has created an easy to use node installation script.

First lets pull the script to your server:

$ git clone Equilibria

Go into newly created folder Equilibria

$ cd Equilibria

Now let's run the script

$ bash install

After that is complete we can now start the node

$ bash start

Here are some additional commands:

To check service status:

$ bash status

To check how it is working:

$ bash log

To generate staking transaction:

$ bash prepare_sn