Swap Guide (CLI)

How to swap XEQ to wXEQ on the wallet command line

Download up the CLI

If you do not have it, you can find it on our git here: https://github.com/EquilibriaCC/Equilibria/releases/tag/v8.0.1

Launch the CLI

If your node shows this:
Error: wallet failed to connect to daemon
set_daemon sanfran.equilibria.network:9231

Register your swap

Let's swap your XEQ now!
The command to swap is: swap <your xeq address> <amount of xeq to swap>
You will be prompted with this information
Please enter the ETH address you want to swap to: <paste your eth address>
Then something like this will pop up:
Transaction 1/1:
Spending from address index 0
Swapping <the amount you chose> XEQ to ETH address: <your eth address> The transaction fee is 0.0060
wXEQ Contract: 0x0F1aB924fbAd4525578011b102604D3e2F11F9Ef
Swapping to the ETH network is currently a one way swap.
There is no privacy when swapping to wXEQ.
You are taking a risk swapping. If the ETH network is no longer functional, your wXEQ will be lost.
Min Swap Amount: 50,000 XEQ
If the amount and addrress check out, you can type Y below:
Is this okay? (Y/Yes/N/No): Y

It takes 2-10 minutes for transactions to be registered from our XEQ Swap node.

Claim your swap

You need metamask to interact with https://eth.equilibria.network

Go to our ethereum dashboard

Enter your transaction hash and hit claim swap. It will say if it is registered or not. If it is registered, then it will prompt you with the transaction.

Your wXEQ will be sent to you after the Ethereum network confirms that transaction!