GUI Staking

Pool Operator

To run your own Oracle Node, refer to this guide.

Pool Contributor

To stake native XEQ, you must first create an Equilibria wallet. The easiest way to get started with this is to download the official Equilibria GUI wallet. Go to this link and find the most recent release and download the GUI wallet designed for your operating system.
After downloading the wallet, launch the wallet application. Your antivirus may flag this as a trojan. This is typical for crypto applications and you must allow it to run anyway. If you are worried you can go over the code on github and even build the wallet yourself.
After the application is launched, create a wallet or restore and previously created wallet by seed or from a .keys file. Once you have a wallet opened go to the "Staking Pools" page where you can see all the currently available oracle nodes.
If you click join on a an Oracle Node you will get some more information about the node. You can see the amount available to stake on each node by looking at "Open for stake". As you can see, on the first Oracle Node there is ~56,000 XEQ that can still be staked under that node. The amount of time coins will be locked is shown by "Days Left" where your stake for the first Oracle Node would be ~18 days. The amount you will earn is shown at the top as the Daily Reward, which is the total amount each Oracle Node earns.
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