Wrapped Tokens

Equilibria currently has 2 wrapped tokens: wXEQ and aXEQ. These tokens can be obtained by swapping native XEQ for a wrapped token at a 1:1 rate, or buy buying tokens already swapped on a DEX like uniswap.


To swap native XEQ, you must first create an Equilibria wallet. The easiest way to get started with this is to download the official Equilibria GUI wallet. Go to this link and find the most recent release and download the GUI wallet designed for your operating system.
After you have the Equilibria wallet setup, you will need to have an Ethereum/Avalanche wallet address to send/receive tokens from. One of the most popular wallets for this is Metamask.

Native XEQ -> wXEQ

Fee: 0.25%

Initiating a swap

Inside the Equilibria GUI, go to the WXEQ page where you are given a form to fill out to swap your XEQ to wXEQ.
After you fill out the amount of XEQ you would like to swap, the bridge address, and your Ethereum/Avalanche address, hit send and confirm. After the transaction is sent you will be able to claim wrapped XEQ on the bridge website.
Once on the website, connect your wallet and select "SWAPS" under ecosystem on the bottom left. Type in your transaction hash from your native XEQ swap and paste it into "Claim XEQ -> wXEQ". Once your wrapped XEQ is ready, you will have the option to claim your tokens where it previously said "check status."

wXEQ -> Native XEQ

Fee: 0.25%
NOTE May 19th: Users can queue their swaps before the hard-fork and will be processed first.

Initiating a swap

Go to the Equilibria Portal. Click the Swaps tab under Ecosystem.

Start Swap

Enter your XEQ address and the amount of wXEQ you want to swap.

Approve tokens

Hit approve to continue the swapping process. If you already have tokens approved for this smart contract, you will skip the Ethereum transaction.

Finalize Swap

Click Register Swap to complete the registration. Swaps can take up to an hour to show up in your native XEQ wallet. Use the check swap feature to get details.

Check wXEQ->XEQ Swap

Go to the Equilibria Portal. Click the Swaps tab under Ecosystem.

Click Check Swap

Locate the Request To XEQ Ethereum transaction which can be found on your accounts Etherscan.
After clicking Check Swap, one of three status messages will show:
  • Processing - Wallet is currently waiting for confirmations and making sure native inputs are ready for sending.
  • Waiting - Currently in line to have your swap process.
  • Sent - The XEQ transaction has been sent and an XEQ transaction hash will be provided for you.