How to stake wXEQ on wXEQ Portal
Comprehensive guide on staking wXEQ on the wXEQ portal.

What you need?

  • Ethereum for fees
  • wXEQ
  • Metamask, WalletConnect or Formatic ETH wallet
  • Internet Connection

Staking wXEQ

1. Visit the wXEQ portal.
wXEQ Portal
2. Connect your wallet on the top right
Wallet connected
3. Click Deposit on the right panel
4. Enter the amount of wXEQ tokens you want to stake.
5. Click Approve and wait for the transaction to complete.
6. Click Deposit and wait for the transaction to complete.
7. You have now successfully staked your wXEQ-USDC and earning wXEQ!
8. To claim rewards click the green claim button.
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